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Casino Party with roulette wheel Basic Casino Party

  • Accommodates 35 Guests at a time
  • Games can be Substituted

Package Includes: 2 Black Jack, 1 Roulette, and 1 Money Wheel, 1 Slot Machine and 4 Dealers.

Getting Started: Each guest receives a fixed amount of "funny money" to start your event. Guests then proceed directly to the gaming tables where your friendly dealers help start the action. The Play: Our dealers convert your guests’ "funny money" into chips. Our dealers take the time to help your guests learn all of the games and will encourage them to have fun and get into the exciting Las Vegas feel. The Big Finish: Most casino parties conclude with the awarding of prizes. These prizes may be distributed in several ways:

Raffle Tickets: Our dealers convert your guests’ "winnings" into raffle tickets which are then used for drawings to distribute prizes. Auction: Your guests’ "winnings" are converted into vouchers that are used in an auction setting for prize giveaways. Top Winners: A true "gambling" experience. Our dealers tally up your guests’ winnings & announce the "top winners" for the event.

Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament: (8 Guests per table)
Hottest Casino game, we run the whole tournament with any amount of guests.

Basic Casino Party $1,550 (4 hours)

  • Add Craps $695 per table w/two dealers (4hrs)
  • Add BJ tables $350 per table w/dealers (4hrs)
  • Add Slot Machines $150 (4hrs)
  • Texas Hold ‘Em $395 w/dealer per table.


Live Singers Money Booth: (4x5 Area 20 amp)
Step into our enclosed booth and try to catch as much funny money as you can. Funny money has guest of honor’s customized picture.
$895 (1 hour) / $1,000 (3 hours)
$100 Each additional hour

Live Singers Giant Twister:
It's a 14’' x 16 '’ version of original game. 3 - 10 guests at a time.
$895 (1 hour)

Live Singers Pinball Machines:
$495 +

NBA Jam / NFL Blitz / Galaga / Ms Pac Man:
$550 - $950

Live Singers Sumo Wrestling:
When was the last time you had a good belly laugh? Transform your guests into overweight Sumo competitors.
$895 (3 hours)
10 x 10 Non Electric

Live Singers Bungee Running:
Two players try to get as far down the lane as you can, but remember you’re hooked up to a BUNGEE Cord, so, you’ll get snapped backward.
$895 (3 hours)
30 x 10 Non Electric

Live Singers Bouncy Boxing:
Players compete in a giant inflatable ring with
oversized boxing gloves.
$895 (3 hours)
15 x 20

Live Singers Mechanical Bull:
“Ride’Em Cowboy” try to ride the bull for the best time. Lots of laughs and lots of fun! How long can you last?.

Live Singers Laser Tag : Laser Tag Arena:
The inside is filled with a maze of walls to conceal you from your adversaries, and with the addition of a fog machine, the challenge becomes even tougher. For saftey, the floors are not inflated, and the walls aren’t attached to the floors.
$1,295 / 30 x 30 / 20 amp circuit

Live Singers Rock Climbing Wall - 28FT:
Be king of the Mountain!
$1,350 (Inflatable)
25 x 25 / 20 amps

$1,500 (Mechanical)
15 x 15 / 20 amps

Live Singers Giant Slide:
This incredible slide captures the heart of both young and old with its beautiful design and fast slide lanes. A Memorable Event! Surviving the wild 35’ Ride down the front of this awesome Slide! This unit is definitely one for your photo album. Measuring 22 feet in height.
$1,795 (4 hours)
55 x 25 x 33 / 20 amps

Live Singers Speed Zone:
The hottest thing filled with air! This interactive game theatre is racing its way into events across the nation! 4 racing pods w/steering & pedal controls. Great for outdoor events that need something less physical.
$1,295 (4 hours)
20 x 10 / 20 amps

Live Singers Parachute Game:
A fun and exciting game that includes kids of all ages. Encourages cooperative, non-competitive play. Lots of fun for both children and adults..
$100 (1/2 hour)
*Only available with DJ service.

Live Singers Dance Floors:
Custom Colored dance floors up to 900 Square feet.
$9.00 per square foot

Live Singers Video Sign-In Booth:
Finally, welcome to the 21st century. No more bulky sign in boards, The booth welcomes guests with a custom LED greeting, then prompts you to send a video to the guest of honor. It gets automatically downloaded to a file that is prepared for the host
family. It then asks what kind of favor they would like. Video Disc w/Photo Stickers, or a 4”x6” photo with custom border.
$2,000 (4 hours)
With curtain attendant included.

Live Singers Video Game Truss System:
3 TV Chrome Truss (12 Guests at a time).
$1,195 (4 hours) 1 Attendant

Live Singers Mega Movie:
Giant Screen for outdoors or large auditoriums. Have a movie night in your backyard..

Basic Carnival Package:
4 Deluxe Booths with 4 -6 games and 4 attendants.
$1,595 (4 Hours) / 8 x 8 Booths



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